Board-Certified Forensic Psychologist

Clinical and Forensic Psychology

Robin Belcher-Timme, Psy.D., ABPP

Pennsylvania Office

Twenty West Third Street

Media, Pennsylvania 19063

(215) 206-5045

Robin Belcher-Timme, Psy.D., ABPP is a board-certified forensic psychologist, licensed to practice in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Grounded in strong clinical training, Dr. Timme specializes in evaluating and treating forensic populations, those individuals at the intersection of law and psychology. His clinical work focuses heavily on correctional healthcare, providing evaluation, consultation, diagnostic, and psychotherapy services to jails and prisons. Forensic evaluation services address various questions before civil, criminal, and family courts. Dr. Timme provides written reports that are grounded in science, presented in a transparent and objective manner, and communicate forensic opinions clearly and responsibly.

Delaware Office

F-52 Omega Drive

Newark, Delaware 19713

(302) 383-4099

  • Consulting and Expert Witness Services
  • Civil and Family Court Experience
    • Juvenile Competency
    • Amenability to Treatment
    • Testamentary Capacity
    • Personal Injury
    • Correctional Healthcare
  • Criminal Court Experience
    • Competency
    • Criminal Responsibility
    • Mental Health Evaluations for Sentencing
    • Reverse Amenability/Decertification
    • Mitigation for Capital Sentencing
    • Risk Assessment